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Daisy Flower Earrings Texture Mat

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    • SIZE
      Pattern — 7x10cm (2.7x4inch)

      ● Unique designed for polymer clay earrings making
      ● Made of rubber and the material is flexible
      ● Super easy to use and allows your clay jewelry to be incredibly detailed
      ● We can do customized textures, If you have any custom needs, please message me.

      HOW TO USE
      1. Use some scrap clay to remove possible dust before use
      2. As the clay will lose a bit of thickness when you roll the mat on clay, prepare a clay slab higher than the final thickness you want
      3. Place the texture mat on top
      4. Roll once in one direction
      5. Gently peel off the mat
      6. Cut the shape you want

      Please take care when washing the mat: only use a soft cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush and soapy water.
      Never use sharp objects such as needles as you can ruin the engraved design and damage the mat.