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Animal Print Clay Transfer Paper

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      10x13cm (3.94inch x 5.12inch)

      Detailed instruction included with your order, helps you make clay jewelry easily.

      Getting started:
      Prepare your clay by conditioning it and rolling it onto a tile surface.
      Use an acrylic roller to ensure the clay is well-stuck to the tile.
      Place the transfer paper colored/printed side down onto the well-conditioned clay.
      Use an acrylic roller to apply light pressure and ensure the design fully contacts the clay.

      Dissolve paper backing:
      Take your tile with the clay slab and hold it under very low-pressure running water.
      The paper backing will begin to dissolve and wash away.
      Use your finger to gently rub away any remaining paper until you achieve a smooth texture.
      Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can distort the design.
      Pat dry with a paper towel.
      Let the clay slab dry before cutting it. Do not cure the clay until it is fully dry.

      Use a sealant:
      To increase the durability of the transferred design, we recommend sealing your finished piece with a sealant such as resin for a shiny finish, or any matte sealant for a matte finish.

      For best results:
      Please note that the colors may slightly change during baking.
      We recommend using white or light-colored clay for the most accurate colors and best results.